A Brief History of the Yorkville to York Police Department

We have been called the "York Police Department" since 1915 when the name of our city was changed from Yorkville to York.

  • In the 1800's for the most part, there was only one police officer. His job description was: patrol the streets twice a week (the town was only a 4 mile radius). Liberty St. had to be patrolled daily, and the remainder of the time, he was to be on Main Street (Congress St.). He was to keep the fire company and the engine clean and keep a box filled with water. He also had to light the street lamps and he earned $30 a month.

  • Our first known "undercover" officer was Chief R.E. O'Farrell. He purchased whiskey without a prescription from a doctor, whom he later arrested.

  • In 1894, The Yorkville Police purchased their first uniform. It cost $15.

  • In 1896, P.W. Love was appointed as Chief of Police, he served for 23 years, and during this time is when the name was changed to York (1915). Chief Love served as chief until 1919 and in 1920 he committed suicide on E. Liberty St.

  • In 1919, J.C. Steele was elected as Chief of Police. Many years later, his grandson Charles Hudson would also become chief.

  • Sometime in the 1920's, a city hall was constructed which housed the municipal government, police, fire and city administration. This build was demolished in 1983 and the police and fire departments were moved into another building. In 1999 a new building was constructed for the fire department, leaving the police department in our current building.

  • In 1922 J. Frank Faulkner was appointed Chief of Police. Chief Faulkner worked for the City for many years in many capacities. He is perhaps best remembered for his dog "Bull" who walked a beat with him and rode in the fire truck with him. Bull was buried in front on the old city hall located on E. Liberty St. When the old city hall was demolished in 1983, Bull's tombstone was moved to its current location, in front of the present police department.

  • Chief L.G. Stephenson was the next chief. His badge was donated to the York Police Department by his granddaughter and is displayed with his picture in the hallway of the police department. Chief Stephenson served as chief until 1941.

  • In 1942, C.P. "Copper" Bennett was appointed chief, in addition to the new chief there were two other police officers added to the force and one new patrol car. Ed Turner was appointed chief and served from 1947-1948

  • In 1950, W.T. Ivey became chief, he is best know for his dedication to public safety. He was very proactive in the development of citizen safety programs.

  • The first radio for the police department was purchased in 1951. Before this, a light at the Main Square signaled officers to call or come by the station. The first known dispatcher was Carl White, who was later transferred to patrol.

  • James (Jim) G. Boyd was next promoted to chief after Chief Ivey resigned. Chief Boyd was serving as sergeant at the time of his promotion. He served as chief form 1954-1958, at which time Cecil Chandler was hired as chief. Chief Chandler purchased the first shotgun for the York P.D in 1960.

  • Chief Chandler served from 1960-1966, when Ramon Castillo became the new chief. Chief Castillo is the one who hired our current chief.

  • Chief Castillo resigned in 1971 and Sgt. Charles Hudson was promoted to Chief. Chief Hudson served as chief until 1981. He hired several of the officers who worked for the department for many years. : Captain Wilson Barnett, Lt. Tommy Jenkins and Lt. Gene Robbins.

  • In 1981, W.D. Sigerson was hired as chief. He left in 1983 and C.D. Morton was hired as chief. Chief Morton served until 1997. He was ill and passed away in February of 2004.

  • In 1998, Ronnie Roberts was hired as chief and he left in 2000 and Bill Mobley was promoted from captain to chief and retired from the police department on January 1, 2011.

  • On December 2010, Chief Bill Mobley, Captain Thomas Jenkins, and Lt. Robbins all retired from the York Police Department.  Andy Robinson was hired as Chief of Police and took the reigns of the police department on January 1st, 2011.
  • The York Police Department currently has 40 employees, 34 who are sworn class I officers, four class II telecommunicators, an Evidence Technician, and a Records Clerk.

  • The department also has School Resource officer (SRO), Drug Enforcement officers(DEU), Criminal Investigators, K9, Training Officer and Patrol and Traffic Enforcement.

  • On June 3, 2022, Chief C.A. "Andy" Robinson, retired from the York Police Department after serving the City of York for 11.5 years. During his retirement luncheon held on that date, Chief Robinson was presented with the Order of the Palmetto by SC House of Representative Tommy Pope and a Congressional Record and coin presented by US Congressman Ralph Norman.
  • On June 7, 2022, in the presence of family and friends, Chief Brian A. Trail was sworn in as Chief of Police by City Attorney Mac Brice during a public ceremony held at York City Hall.