Leaves, Limbs & Yard Debris

2023 Fall Leaf Pickup


Leaves Must be raked to the curbside and placed in piles for pick up.

Leaves are picked up on a schedule that generally runs from November through March. 

Do not mix other debris with the leaves. (Code 1977 10-21.1) Sec. 36-44.

Tree Limbs, Cuttings & Shrubbery

Collected weekly on the same collection day as your garbage and trash.

No trees or limbs larger than 4" in diameter, longer than four feet (4') or heavier than 100 lbs. will be collected by the city.

Tree Limbs, cuttings, and shrubbery should be kept separate from other trash. (Code 1977 10-21) Sec. 36-44

Helpful Hints

  • Do Not Mix Debris
  • Rake Your Leaves to Curbside
  • Keep Each Pile Separated
    • Leaves
    • Limbs & Branches
    • Household Garbage
    • Recycling
    • Large Trash
  • Maximum Diameter (4")
    • This Is for Both Trees and Limbs
  • Maximum Length (4')
    • Preferably Shorter
  • Maximum Weight (100 lbs)
    • Preferably Lighter
  • Anything Exceeding Limits Will Not Be Picked up