Sanitation Container Guidelines


  • Bag and store all garbage and small trash in your Roll-Out Cart.
  • Place your Roll-Out at the rear of your residence after being emptied.
  • The Roll-Out should be kept closed to keep out water and neighborhood pets.
  • The following items may Not be placed in your Roll-Out: liquids, poisons, acids,
    caustics, ashes, paint, dirt, rocks or other dangerous materials such as gas,
    kerosene, oil, paint thinner or any type of construction materials.
  • Place your Roll-Out and Recycle Bin at the curb of your residence by 7:00 a.m.
    on your regular collection day.
  • Roll-out must be placed at least four feet (4') from other objects (mail boxes, recycling bins, utility poles, parked cars, etc.) to avoid possible damage from the automated truck arm.
  • Return your Roll-Out and Recycle Bin after they have been emptied to the rear
    of your residence by 7:00 p.m. on the day of collection.
  • The City will Not pick up debris from contracted tree removal or contracted yard work.
  • For families who need it, a second Roll-Out is available from the Public Works Department; however, there will be an additional charge on your monthly utility bill.
  • If you have questions about containers or schedules, please call the Public Works Department at 684-7172 ext. 231.