Backflow Prevention

What is backflow?

It is the reverse flow of water which can lead to the contamination of the portable water supply. This can happen through backsiphonage and backpressure. This can be a serious health risk to all consumers. 

Mission Statement

The City of York takes pride in providing quality and safe drinking water. Maintaining a backflow program is a vital component. It is required that all low and high hazard connections have a backflow device installed after the water meter. Please reference the State Primary Drinking Water Regulations R. 61-58.7. All backflow devices must be tested annually and submitted to our 3rd party service called VEPO CrossConnex. See the links below for training and further information about VEPO. If you need further assistance contact O’Sheyree’ Prioleau via email at oprioleau [at] or phone at 803-792-2385. 

Cross Connection Control & Backflow Prevention | SCDHEC

R.61-58.pdf (

Vepo CrossConnex

The City of York uses CEPO CrossConnex to administer their cross connection control/backflow tracking program. All annual backflow assembly test report must be submitted electronically via the VEPO CrossConnex Mobile Application.  The app downloaded via the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices. If you prefer, test data can also be entered from any PC by visiting and following the directions for creating a tester account.

Please make sure to obtain the VEPO CrossConnex (VCC) Number from the customer or City of York. The VCC# will be needed to access your customer’s records.

If you need help setting up your profile with VEPO CrossConnex after downloading the application, or have any technical questions regarding the software, please call 877-860-2776 or email: info [at] for assistance.  Educational videos on how to set up and use the app can be found at Each tester must have an up to date South Carolina certified backflow tester license.

Filing Fees:
A key provision with the new procedures will be a filing fee that you, the contractor, will pay at the time of the backflow report submittal via the VEPO CrossConnex mobile application. The filing fee for backflow assemblies is $20.00 per test report. As of January 10th, 2023, all reports must be filed with the applicable filing fees. The fee is per backflow assembly test report submitted which is to be paid by the credit card used to establish your account.

There will be many benefits for you with this new program. Test due notices will be emailed to both the tester of record and the owner. The company name and the phone number of the tester of record will also be listed on the customer notice, helping customers reach you quickly.

For any questions outside the test form submission process please contact The City of York at 803-792-2385 or email: oprioleau [at]